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Onawi is a non-profit organisation that aims to directly contribute to a just transition towards climate change mitigation by making designs of wind turbines freely available to all.

We will develop these designs through open source cooperative development, which brings several advantages. By promoting open collaboration among all stakeholders throughout the product life-cycle we aim to make the turbines reliable and well suited to their end use. This process will also harness third party improvements and innovations and to ensure they remain publicly available under an open license as the foundation to future designs.

The main focus for development will be a medium size wind turbine design. Turbines of this size are especially suited for manufacture and use in low and middle income countries, and can also be used for community projects in the global North. Medium-sized wind power generation as this is a mature technology that can compete with fossil fuels , in particularly with diesel plants.

In order to turn the designs into a physical reality, and to create a critical link in the design process, Onawi will foster and engage in collaboration projects of technology transfer involving industrial and community partners.

We are looking for people and organisations to work with us to achieve our goals – if you are interested see opportunities.