Nordic Folkecenter makes turbine designs available

Our partner the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy has agreed to release specific 150 kw turbine designs together with Onawi under open licence conditions.

During a recent visit to confirm our working relationship, we were able to get close to some dismantled turbines of the type that whose designs we will be releasing later this year.  They have also recently facilitated the redeployment of similar secondhand turbines to Sri Lanka, where they were refurbished and reinstalled.

In the photo on the right Onawi promoters are pictured with wind pioneers Preben Maegaard and Jane Kruse.


We are looking for engineers from the wind industry to work with us to help specify some aspects of the initial collaboration platform. If you are interested in the project, please get in touch, as you can help shape this key element of the project.

The designs being made available under open license have over 20 years of flawless service in Denmark.

Turbine above successfully updated by Folkecenter partners in Sri Lanka, ready for a few more years of turning.

Salvaged turbine from the same series.