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We are just starting out, building on work that's gone before. We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to get involved (but unfortunately we cant pay you – yet). In particular we are looking for people with skills and experience, or just bags of interest, enthusiasm and a desire to learn for the following areas:

•    technical aspects of wind turbines
•    open source web collaboration tools, especially but not limited to engineering collaborations
•    general coordination and administration 

Nov 2012:

We're also looking for someone/some people to help us specifically with

- a new website, with more collaboration space

- to help set up our server with some open collaboration tools


If you are interested in helping us bring about open renewables and generating a low carbon future, we'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch via contact -at- onawi.org.

If you are a technical institution, a potential supplier, consultant or other organisation who may be  interested in working with us to design and/or manufacture medium sized open source turbines-  please do get in touch.